August 12, 2006

Community Map Pack IV

Requires Dawn of War: Winter Assault

Community Map Pack IV

Download the Community Map Pack IV (26Mb)
The installer is .zipped so will need to be unzipped first. Then you can run the installer which will put all the files in the correct place so you can play the maps in Skirmish mode or Online. Thanks to Wargrim for project management on this one!

Dawn of War Files mirror

Download Community Map Pack III ( Italian mirror, thanks to Jean)

Download Community Map Pack III (German mirror, thanks to Moe)

We are proud to present to you the 4th incarnation of the Community Mappacks - a selection of absolute top maps from the community, for the community.

Maps included in pack 4:

One-Player Map

Castle Ruosteinen by Aralez

Two-Player Map

Minos Bridge by Deviant Ghost

Four-Player Maps

Deus Ex Mechanicus by Deviant Ghost
Temple of Blood SE by Fire81
White Silence by Wargrim

Six-Player Maps

Artefact by Raiden
Delphinius XII by Acturas
Imperial Manufactorum by TheBear
st Huldrych Causeway by Vol_907
Warwind by Poo

Eight-Player Maps

Monastery & [Night]Monastery by Fire81
Pummelled Estate by EtherDragn

Wargrim: “I would like to thank all the people that did work on making this pack possible, most of all the mappers and both Fire81 and Argonought for doing the installer and its graphics.”


July 30, 2005

Community Map Pack III

Download the Community Map Pack III

Download Community Map Pack III

Direct Download Mirror (Germany)

Direct Download Mirror (Italy)

Dawn of War Files mirror

BitTorrent download thanks to Relicnews

The third installment of the community map pack is the biggest so far, containing 10 new maps. We hope you enjoy playing them.

This installer will overwrite older versions of these maps.

Maps included in pack 3:

Two-Player Maps

Necrontyr Rising by Deviant Ghost

Three-Player Maps

Coral Reef and Inquisitor’s Fortress by monoRAIL

Four-Player Maps

Abbot’s Hill SE by Hangar-8
Apocalypse Later by Ryilo
Refinery by MC Warhammer

Six-Player Maps

Three Kings by Hanna
Temple of Change by Fire81

Eight-Player Maps

Marinus by FreakNasty
Black Fortress by Rayden

Also included in this map pack are patches for the previous map packs to fix the ‘pink icon’ bug, where a map’s icon would be missing in the multiplayer lobby.


April 12, 2005

Community Map Pack II

Download the Community Map Pack I

Download the Community Map Pack II

(Eight fantastic maps packed into 10MB of installer!)

Direct Download Mirror (U.S.) thanks to monoRAIL

Direct Download Mirror (U.K.) thanks to Khornight

Mirror thanks to

Mirror thanks to

Mirror thanks to NGI (Italia)

Welcome to our second Community Map Pack. As a special treat Community Map Pack II contains the winners of the Relic Mapping Contest along with five other ground-breaking maps that encourage team play and strategy. Many also include a great deal of custom artwork that pushes the envelope of map design. We hope you enjoy our newest collection of maps!

Screenshots thanks to

Important! Please note that we have special requirements for this Map Pack and therefore the versions of following maps could differ from dowfiles Abandoned Faith, Desiderata Highlands, Arx Haustrum, Water Station. We will try to do updating on dowfiles as soon as possilbe.

Included with this release are:

Two-Player Maps

Abandoned Faith by vs322

  (Winner of Relic Mapping Contest)

Sandstorm by monoRAIL

  (Winner of Relic Mapping Contest)

Four-Player Maps

St. Mathias Bridge SE by Star Wars Kid

  (some nice city fight environment for 4 players)

Water Station by Civik

  (Many paths, many possibilties .. excellent 4 FFA map)

Six-Player Maps

Gates of Ultramar by Rayden

  (City defenders vs. attackers, opens up a new refreshing gameplay)

Imperial Starport by Boots262

  (Fight in surroundings around an imperial starport)

Desiderata Highlands by kap

  (Winner of Relic Mapping Contest)

Eight-Player Map

Arx Haustrum by gravehead

  (Exciting team fighting in a jungle/city environment)

Don’t forget to get Community Map Pack I and install it first for the best experience. (But you can install them in either order.)

Look for Community Map Pack III coming soon!

March 01, 2005

Community Map Pack Banners

Want to show your support for the Maproom Community Map Pack project? How about putting a banner in your signature or on your website?

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February 22, 2005

Community Map Pack I

Download the Community Map Pack I

Download the Community Map Pack I

(35MB of maps packed into 7MB of installer!)

Direct Download Mirror thanks to Dawn of War HQ

Direct Download Mirror thanks to monoRAIL

Direct Download Mirror (U.K.) thanks to Khornight

Mirror thanks to

Mirror thanks to GameSpot

Mirror thanks to NGI Italia

Mirror thanks to Pexus Gaming Network

Mirror thanks to Dawn of War UK

For Warhammer 40:000: Dawn of War. It’s an executable auto-installer file with more information in the installer itself. All you need to do is download it, run it (double-click, use the “Run” utility, use the command-line, I don’t care how you do it), and enjoy! It won’t write over any of the maps you already have, but it will add fancy map icons and minimaps if the map didn’t have them before. So, even if you already have all the maps, you can download this to super-charge the maps you already have! No viruses or crap like that. No spyware. Just fantastic Dawn of War maps for you to enjoy.

Important! If you downloaded the Dawn of War Maproom Community Map Pack I before Wednesday, February 23, 2005, 2:00pm PST, the minimap and map icons for Bridge Too Far may have graphical errors. Downloading and installing this patch (248KB) will fix the graphical errors in the minimap and map icons for Bridge Too Far. The full Map Pack has been fixed, so if you are here to download the Map Pack now, you do not need this patch. We regret this error.

Included with this release are:

Two-Player Maps

Bridge Too Far by Rendy.[CZech]

  (Updated, Final and not available anywhere else!)

River Canyon by Hanna

  (A burbling creek, majestic peaks, and this looks like a nice spot to sit with a sniper rifle…)

Four-Player Maps

Archon IV by Acturas

  (City fighting like you’ve never seen it before)

Icefields by AngelSaphire

  (Updated and not available anywhere else!)

Six-Player Maps

Jungle Assault SE by Rayden

  (Updated Jungle Assault is available elsewhere, but this one’s so much easier to install)

Testing Grounds Level 2 by Sps

  (If you survived the Testing Grounds, this is the Final Exam)

Eight-Player Maps

Fort Atlantis by kap

  (Takes the standard “Square Map Where Everyone Starts In A Corner” to a whole new level)

Kasyr Lutien by Maraschino

  (The wildly-popular eight-player version of Kasyr Lutien)

Look for Community Map Pack II coming soon!


The Community Map Packs are Creative Commons licensed -- 2005 -- The Dawn of War Mapping Community

Each map is licensed separately by the individual map maker.

This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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